FASHION / #runwaymodelrespect + the Steve Harvey Show

This past Tuesday I was part of the Steve Harvey Show's full-figured spring style segment.  It was glamorous, fun and exciting, but also really exhausting!  All I can say to the models who wear insane shoes and have to walk on slippery runways, I bow down to your fearlessness and give you beaucoup respect!  Thus the title of this post.  :) I found out about the opportunity on Wednesday, went to a fitting on Friday and was picked to do the show on Tuesday.  Such a whirlwind!

Steve Harvey noted at the beginning of the segment that his mother was plus sized and was always complimented for her bold style.  He has featured plus-size women on his show previously and I consider him an advocate for all around body-positivity and confidence!  Thank you Steve for all you're doing for the plus size community.


Now on to the day!


Arrived at NBC Studios at 7am!  Fresh and clean with product-free hair (which was really weird for me BTW, as I've been a product junkie since age 16)


Hair and makeup in a conference room of the studio.  The makeup look was bright and fresh, to reflect the spring style focus.  Some of the girls had on bright green and lavender.  Very pretty!


My classic bob merited only one hairstyle option with my outfit... a classic bob.  They teased and curled it to perfection and gave me mauvey-pink shimmer eyes and a bright pink lip.


Rehearsal time.  Before we went through wardrobe, they had us wear the shoes they chose and run through a rehearsal.  Well, I am not the heel-wearing diva that I was 8 years ago, so the first pair of BEAUTIFUL Cole Haan purple peep toe pumps they put me in were just too much.  I couldn't control the muscles in my legs that were freaking out, but luckily the stylist had chosen a second pair of red Via Spiga's ahead of time and they worked perfectly.  Definitely not as sexy as the Cole Haan's, but walking is sexier than shuffling I think.  :)

Also, we found out at this time that the segment was going to be taped outside.  In Chicago.  In 29 degree weather.  Brrrrr...  At least I was the one who got to wear a coat!


The full look!  The fabulous stylist Earl and his team put me in a dark fuschia London Times a-line dress and a Kristin Miles floral coat with gold accessories.


Now to the taping and runway show!


The celebrity stylist, Daisy Lewellyn, had broken us up into four types of spring looks: bolds, florals, prints and pastels.  We each walked the runway and showcased our fashion-forward styles!




FLORALS (that's me!)


PRINTS (I loved the Cut for Evans pants she's wearing!)



(These photos on the runway were taken, provided and copy written by the Steve Harvey Show and are not property of


Afterward, Daisy came backstage and took photos with all of us.  She is ADORABLE!!


Then we returned our wardrobe and were done.  So much prep for something that was over so quickly!


This segment featured models of all sizes, shapes and ethnicities, so I hope every woman watching found their spring style inspiration.  I was very honored to represent the tall, super-pale, size 26/28's among us!

It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and one that I will never forget.  Again, #runwaymodelrespect and thank you Steve Harvey Show! <3