VISUAL AID / ASOS Shoe Inspiration

There is really nothing more exciting or more motivating than pretty new shoes. We're clawing our way out of winter in Chicago and hopefully will permanently be sock and winter boot free very shortly.  I'm looking forward to a full week of no bundling up! Until then, happy thoughts of summer days and sandals are all that keep us Midwesterners going, so online shoe shopping it is.

ASOS has a ton of amazing styles in all sorts of heel types, which is especially good for the stiletto-phobic among us!  Below are my favorites on their website right now, all of which seem wearable and walkable.  Each photo is linked if you'd like to check the style out further.

asos shoes 1
asos shoes 9
asos shoes 3
asos shoes 8
asos shoes 7
asos shoes 5
asos shoes 6
asos shoes 10
asos shoes 2
asos shoes 4